COVID Safety Measures 


We are open daily with plenty of outdoor seating. Limited indoor seating is available for fully vaccinated guests. Masks are required inside at all times, except for fully vaccinated folks while dining.


We prepare all food and drink orders with extra care and make sure containers are sealed well. Delivery partner orders are handed off to the courier in sealed bags, and drinks are covered with plastic wrap.


To minimize contact, the |  following options are available:


Order online, pay when you pickup


Call in your order, pay at pickup



Order delivery through one of our delivery partners:

UberEats | Postmates | DoorDash


Touch-free hand sanitizer is available at our order counter. Restroom and hand washing sink is available to customers.

We use only single-use, disposable food and drink ware.



If you are unwell, have cold or flu-like symptoms, fever, or are coughing, we ask that you stay home. No one is allowed inside or on patio with symptoms.

Masks are required for ALL guests when inside, whether in line, waiting for their order or waiting to use the restroom. The only exception is: fully vaccinated guests who show proof of vaccination at the counter may be seated inside and may remove their masks when actively eating and dinking.


At all other times masks must be worn by all guests (and staff) while inside.


Unvaccinated guests are welcome to our patio seating. Anyone unable to follow these rules will be asked to leave.


We have implemented additional sanitizing measures in accordance with health department rules.


High touch surfaces such as door handles, counter, tables and chairs, are sanitized frequently.
 Employees are asked to change gloves and wash hands frequently. 


All staff are asked to be fully vaccinated for their safety as well as for safety of others. 

If an employee is feeling unwell, they are asked to stay home until they are healthy enough to work. Any member with cold or flu-like symptoms is required to get a negative COVID test before returning to work. Employees are offered paid sick leave and emergency paid sick leave. 



For extra precaution, we are unable to accept returns. If an item is incorrect or damaged, please let us know so we can replace it.


Updated 01/23/22