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javista coffee bar under a rainbow sky


It was early 2010. Javista founders Armond & David were mulling over ideas for a new venture. They envisioned a simple coffeeshop where care for craft and people could serve as the basis for good business. They believed that work could be fun, and that great coffee and kind service would find fans.   

They turned to old friends at Urth Caffe to help them hone their coffee and tea chops. And a year or so later they opened the doors of Javista.  


The quick success of their small Hollywood coffeeshop on a sleepy block of Sunset Boulevard was welcome news. At a time when specialty coffee was not as pervasive and seemed somewhat unapproachable, they had managed to create a cozy and welcoming shop, serving great coffee with a relaxed attitude. Their vision of a care-driven business was a thriving reality.

That was 2012. Today, thousands of espresso shots and hundreds of new friends later, we know firmly what we wondered then: that care for our craft, care for our staff and customers, care for our community and the world at large, is not only viable, but is vital to success and happiness.


Thank you for being part of our adventure.

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