We are dedicated to offering a high-quality online experience to our visitors with disabilities that is full and equal to that provided to those without disabilities. To assist in website accessibility goals, we have taken care that our website be designed, developed, and operated in substantial conformance with generally-accepted standards for website accessibility.


While these standards may change over time, they are currently the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 at Levels A and AA ("WCAG 2.1").


Using the EqualWeb website accessibility tool

In addition to following accepted accessibility standards, this website also employs the Nagich By Click accessibility software and is connected through a special accessibility server. The software complies with Israeli standard SI 5568 at AA level.

How does the site’s accessibility work?

The website features an accessibility menu. A click on the menu makes accessibility buttons available. After selecting a menu item, the user should wait for the page to be loaded.

What are the menu items?

• Option for keyboard-based navigation

• Adaptation of the website for NVDA assistive technology

• Enlargement of the website font to 4 levels of magnification

• Immobilization of moving elements, and stoppage of blinking

• Altered color contrast against dark background

• Altered color contrast against light background

• Adaptation for color-blind users
• Change of font for better readability

• Enlarged cursor, and change of color to black or white

• Enlargement of display to ~200%

• Emphasizing links on the website

• Emphasizing headings on the website

• Presentation of alt text to graphics

• Declaration of accessibility

• Sending of accessibility feedback



Despite our efforts to apply accessibility to browsing on every webpage, it may be discovered that some of webpages have not yet received accessibility or are not suitable for any available accessibility solution. We are continuing the effort to improve the website’s accessibility to the full extent possible.

Please contact us with accessibility questions and feedback.

Last modified: May 30, 2020

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